A Lifelong Favourite


My Mom’s favourite colour has always been purple. She loves lilacs, irises, violets, all of the purple flowers. She doesn’t wear a lot of purple, but has purple things, like a purple phone case and whatnot.

My favourite colour has always been purple. I love lilacs, irises, violets, all of the purple flowers. I don’t wear a lot of purple, but I have purple things, like purple earbuds and whatnot.

Girls often choose their favourite colours, at least to start, by seeing what their Mom likes.

And then they change their minds, because they go through a mini rebellion, where it isn’t cool to like the same things that Mom likes.

Maybe they change back at the end of that rebellion, or maybe they’ve found their own favourite colour during that time, and decided that they don’t mind sharing a colour with their Mom.

I never really went through that. I had a bit of a phase where I felt a little embarrassed to like purple, but it was more due to the colour, and had nothing to do with my Mom. I was quite the little tomboy growing up, and was hassled by people for liking a “girly” colour.

I tried to make myself like blue or black, in going with the tomboy theme. That was mostly what I wore, so of course it must be what I liked.

However, I couldn’t actually make myself change the colour that I liked. My room was purple, and I would choose purple if it was an option for things like water bottle carriers and whatnot.

So I finally gave up. I admitted that I liked purple. I figured that I was already twisting norms by being a tomboy, I may as well twist them a little farther by being a tomboy who liked purple. No, my childish brain did not really see it like that, but that was the general idea.

And it has been my favourite my whole life, despite attempts to change my mind.

How about you? What things have you tried to change just because others thought you were goofy? Did the change stick, or did you go back to how you originally felt?


5 thoughts on “A Lifelong Favourite

  1. I actually wrote something along similar lines for this prompt, as purple made me think of my favourite colours too – it is mine, to this day – so it’s on my blog (“Growing Up In Colour”) if you’re interested to check it out. 🙂 It’s very different from most other things I write, actually.


  2. Also (you’ve probably noticed haha) but I’ve been really enjoying reading what you write, I feel like I relate to a lot of it. On a critical note though, one thing which I feel could make it easier to navigate your blog could be some link to older posts, perhaps using categories or tags or related posts through a widget, as currently I end up on the latest stuff that I’ve already read, and it’s not the easiest to go back and find new interesting posts to read.


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