Clover Field

They say 4-leafed clovers are lucky.

But what if the clovers themselves aren’t really the lucky thing?

What if it is simply the act of finding a 4-leafed clover that is the luck?


Honestly, my luck isn’t that great, despite this bunch of 4 and 5-leafed clovers I found while on a walk in Austria.

Have you ever noticed how you seldom find clovers with more than 3 leaves when you are deliberately looking for them?

I can be on my hands and knees, combing through the clovers in search of the “lucky” ones, and I won’t find a single one. But when I’m not looking for them, they all but jump up and bite me. I’ve even been on horseback and randomly seen them.


I keep the clovers I find; pressing them between pages of books (or my passport…wouldn’t advise that one). They don’t bring me luck, but they bring me memories of the lucky days when I found them.

And really, I think that’s enough luck for me.

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