Wedding Memories

When my sister was married this past September, I almost didn’t want to be in the wedding. Of course, as her sister, I was expected to be a bridesmaid and all of that.

But I like to take pictures of everything that I do. It’s the way that I record my experiences. I suck at keeping a journal, though I’ve tried a number of times, and flipping through old photos brings back the moments captured, and those surrounding them in a very real way.

I’m not a professional by any means, so I couldn’t be the wedding photographer, which was ok, since she would have wanted me in the wedding party no matter what kind of a photographer I was.

They had a great photographer handling the wedding, which meant that they didn’t want members of the wedding party using their own cameras during the ceremony.

So I compromised, and took pictures during the rehearsal instead. The lighting wasn’t as good, and people weren’t in their wedding clothes, but I got some fun photos and I was really happy with them. It let me get some photos, and still stand up there looking like a normal human being during the actual wedding.

How do you record your memories?

Inspecting the unity candle
The groom and pastor, watching the bride’s Father walk her down the aisle.
Practice handoff
Probably trying to figure out if someone was serious
Super cool birch unity candle set
Practicing so the groom understood the unity candle concept.
I wonder what the dear bride just said, that has that look on everyone’s face. Love how the groom is looking at her.
And, seeing if they know how to walk out of the room together.

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