Don’t Ruin Beauty and the Beast…

It feels like there are more and more subjects every day that people hesitate to broach. Could your topic be seen as even somewhat offensive to some group of people? Then don’t say anything.

It used to be politics and religion which were off-limits. And that was a thing when you were in a more formal setting, such as a first date, or going out with colleagues, who you weren’t really close to.

Now, it seems like you can’t say anything without offending someone.

I am not pro-hate speech. I don’t say things with the purpose of hurting other people. And I can’t stand people who do that. But a person should be able to say what they think without searching every word for hidden offenses.

For example, I read an article about the new Beauty and the Beast movie. It refers to the fact that Disney put in an “explicitly gay scene” between Gaston and Le Fou into the movie.

Which kind of upset me. And when I posted something negative about it, I knew that various friends would probably take it in a way that I didn’t mean it.

My more liberal friends, those who are pro-LGBTQ, or gay/bi themselves would see it as an attack. I look close-minded because I don’t want Disney adding gay scenes to their films.

My more conservative friends would see it as a “sister-in-arms” statement. It would look like a line in the sand.

But really, all that I meant by it was that I don’t want them messing with my favourite movie.

I was mad when I saw an early teaser trailer, and heard Ewan Mcgregor’s deplorable French accent (a Scottish actor as Lumière? Maybe not their best choice…).

I was even a little annoyed when I saw how they made Beast look.

Beauty and the Beast has been one of my favourite movies pretty much since it came out. Maybe my absolute favourite movie. And the older I get, the more I love it. I have the special edition of it, and I never watch it with the bonus songs, because the original is pretty well perfection.

My problem isn’t really the gay aspect of it. I couldn’t care less if they give Elsa a girlfriend in the new Frozen movie, because I thought Frozen was complete rubbish, and I don’t care to ever see the second one.

My problem is that they are taking Beauty and the Beast, and making it a vehicle for their agenda. They say that the gay scene is “really subtle and delicious”, but when they went on record to point it out, they changed the movie into something other than what it was.

There’s always been speculation that Le Fou is gay. In any story, when there’s a same-sex duo, and the one is more bold and manly, and the other is more delicate and feminine, there’s always speculation. It’s not really that much different than the automatic guessing to figure out which male/female couple is going to get together in a movie (thanks for that, Disney and Hallmark).

I am getting super tired of every area of entertainment being used for one agenda or another. Honestly, even if they used Beauty and the Beast as a platform to promote helping refugees, or rescuing abandoned puppies, I’d still be pissed.

Yes, we need to be aware of issues facing our world. Yes, we need to educate children about what is happening around them, and teach them to not be afraid of people who are different.

But don’t screw around with the classics.

If you want a gay Disney character, write a new story. Don’t take a movie that has been around for 25 years and make it into your gay love story.

And, something that just occurred to me…wouldn’t this be offensive to gay men? I mean, seriously, the first gay Disney character, and he’s one of the biggest idiots in Disney history? That’s empowering…Anyway…that’s off-topic.

My initial reaction to reading this article was that I’d not see the movie. But I probably will after all. I’ve been uneasy about seeing it since I first heard they were doing a live-action version.

Yes, my affection for this film may be slightly ridiculous. But remember, I saw it when it first came out. I still remember seeing it at the theatre. It was snowing when we walked outside after the movie. That was 25 years ago…I’m 29 now. It’s been a major part of my life, and when they take something like that, which means a lot to me, and they cheapen it by making it a “watershed moment” for the studio, it makes me mad.

Maybe I should go watch the original. That always makes me happy.


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