Apple Surprise

It may not seem so unexpected, this little tree that is about to pop loose from its seed husk cap. That’s sort of what trees do. But the odds seemed stacked against it.

Sprouted inside an apple in a bag that ended up not being eaten, it was passed from the person who bought said bag, to me, with the intention that I should feed the apples to my horses, or deer.

But there were too many apples for the animals. So I decided to cut them apart and use the better bits in a pan of apple crisp, then feed the scraps to the horses. When I did that, I saw the tiny seedlings, with their brand new sprouted roots wrapped around them in their little living space.


I couldn’t just dump them in the compost bin to be thrown outside and freeze to death, so I stuck them in the aquaponics system to give them a chance to straighten a little, then moved them to potting soil.


And now I have 8 tiny apple trees, some of them still with their hard little caps, some which have lost the caps and just have their little leaves growing each day. And all because they wound up on a circuitous path which led to them being in the right place at the right time.



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