Christmas Coziness and Joy

1. Stockings


My hand-knit stocking. Knit isn’t necessarily the best, as you have to be super careful to not put anything too heavy in it or it will stretch. Some Christmas mornings, I’ve come in to see my stocking on the floor because the weight would ruin it if it was hanging. And I, of course, would never trade it in for a more durable stocking.

2. Cozy


There isn’t much cozier than a blanket obsessed puppy snuggling with both my blankets, and my stocking cap. She really isn’t that into people, but loves food and blankets.

3. Wrapping gifts/gift wrap


My gift pack from work. Clear wrapping isn’t so good. I had to try for two weeks to not see what the gifts were. And this was while all the other employees were trying to look in and see what we were getting.

I don’t understand that…When I was little, my Mom told me where she hid my presents so that I wouldn’t stumble upon them accidentally. I hate knowing what I am getting, even now. It takes a lot out of Christmas.

4. Cups of hot cocoa or cider


Every cup of cocoa is like a toasty warm snowflake. You’ll never have 2 with the same swirl.

5. Ornaments


The top photo is just one that I liked. The bottom one is one that I think represents our tree. It is one made by my Grama. She did beading, tatting, and ceramics, and everyone in the family got at least one ornament each year.

She’s gone now, but seems to be around all the time, especially at Christmas, because of all of the beautiful things she made for us.

6. Joy


Not such a Christmas photo, but hey, when your hockey team is one loss away from a losing streak record, and they win, it works for joy :~)

7. Favourite holiday movie


If you don’t know what this movie is, you obviously had a tragic childhood.


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