And…Behind Already

Starting a photo challenge while working 3rd shift and sleeping most of the prime photography hours may not have been my best call…

That said, I’ll make the best of it. When I miss anything, I’ll just catch up when I can, and hopefully I will be on the 31st day of the challenge when I reach New Year’s Eve.

It’s just like singing the Amen chorus in Handel’s Messiah. Do your best to keep up, and try to end at the same time as everyone else.

So on we go.

1. Candle


I work for a company that mostly does mail-order Christmas goodies. One of their biggest sellers is their petits fours, some of which have tiny Christmas designs on it.

I love the petits fours, but sometimes it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit of the company when you see the grimy “backstage” of how the Christmas experience is provided.

2. Today’s Temperature


Here, you get today’s temp, and my reaction to it. I LOVE winter. But -7 just doesn’t work so well. It isn’t as much fun to be outside when it hurts to breathe.

3. Green


I helped my Grandparents put up their Christmas decorations. It’s sort of tradition. I go over and do the decorating, and Grama makes me supper (mac and cheese this year). I hear stories about some of the ornaments, we try to figure out where the heck we put the wreaths and all of that (they must change size every year…), and we simply spend time together.

This year was a little bittersweet, as my Grampa is in the beginning stages of dementia. I don’t know how fast things will progress. Will this be the last year decorating with them where he knows what is happening? He’s also had some health issues. Will he even be around next year?

But you can’t focus on all of that too much. You just have to jump in and go with life. The time we just spent together will be special whether it’s our last Christmas together, or whether we have 10 more.

4. Favourite Meal of the Day


I don’t really have a favourite meal, but when I get home from work, I always get a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa first thing. I typically eat something along with that, but the cup of something hot is really the important thing. So I’d say it’s my favourite meal of the day.

5. Baking Cookies


Going in a different direction from normal Christmas cookies right now. I mentioned my Grampa earlier, and the health issues he’s been having. So I made cookies today for him that are healthy, and will hopefully help with his lack of appetite.

Still waiting for them to be ready, but if they turn out well, I’ll share the recipe in the future.


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