December Photo Challenge (Late Start…)

I got a GoPro for my birthday.

In August.

I’ve hardly used it at all, partly because I’ve not taken the time to really learn to use it. I set it up on the stage to get video during my sister’s wedding, and that’s about it.

So I’m going to start a December photo challenge, and see how it goes with my GoPro. May do some photos with my regular camera as well, we’ll see. I know the challenge is from 2013, but I was looking for one that I really liked rather than one that was current.

I also know that it’s the middle of December :~) Yes, I’m a little slow getting started with this. Working 3rd shift and struggling with depression don’t help with getting things done…So I will do 2 challenges a day until I am caught up (which should be on the 23rd).

The first couple will be done with my regular camera, as I simply don’t have the time at the moment to get the GoPro figured out. That should start next week.

On to the photos.

1. Something you’re reading.


Very seldom am I reading only 1 thing at a time. This is my current stack.

Left Behind is the only one I’ve read before. I never made it through the whole series and always meant to. We were just given the series, so I figured I’d make another attempt. Though, with my current spiritual state, it’s a little weird…

Wildflower Hill is a very good book (actually just finished it a few minutes ago, but since it was on today’s stack, wanted to keep it in there) that I got from my Grama. It is set in Australia, and follows a woman in Tasmania, and her granddaughter who is trying to learn about her Grama’s life.

The Little White Horse is one that I learned about because I found the movie version of it on youtube. The movie is called The Secret of Moonacre, and I’m actually finding that I like the movie better than the book. Though the book is pretty good too. The stories are rather different though, and I like the movie story better.

2. Your idea of cheer

Cheer is in short supply for me these days, but one thing that definitely brings me cheer is watching this fluffy butt trying to make her way through the snow. Silly thing just can’t stay inside :~)


Doesn’t that little tail just make you smile?

Her name is Harry. She got that name before she was old enough for me to tell her gender, because of the lightning bolt on her forehead. When I realized she was a girl, I didn’t want to change the name. And she’s so precocious that a name like Harry seems to fit her.


She doesn’t look too happy, but she was having fun. And yes, I picked her up and got the snow off of her after this.


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