This Again???

2 weeks before a big trip:

Friend: You must be getting SUPER excited about your trip to India/Greece/Brazil/wherever the trip is to.

Me: Nah…I’ll be excited when the plane begins its decent into my final destination. Maybe…

1 week before the trip:

Friend: You’re excited now, right? Done with your packing?

Me: Well…I have some stuff packed. But most of the stuff I pack is stuff that I use daily. So I’ll pack it right before the trip. And have I landed? No…so I’m not excited.

24 hours before the trip:

Me (there are no friends around, because at this point, I refuse to interact with anyone): What the heck am I doing? Why am I traveling again? How much will I really lose if I just don’t go? Why do I keep traveling? I’m going to have a heart attack from all of this stupid stress! Nope, I’m just gonna go binge-watch some random tv show for the next 24 hours before I go.

Yes, this a pretty accurate portrayal of the time leading up to my trips. I’ve been traveling a lot in the last 10 years. I’ve been to every continent except for Antarctica, and most of them multiple times. And still, I have a mini meltdown every single time I travel. There’s a lot of shouting and ranting, no matter how prepared I am.

I always tell myself that as long as I have my camera (and the charger of course), and my passport, I’m good to go. I can buy anything that I’ve forgotten, and if I can’t buy it, I don’t really need it. And I mean that. It’s not stress about forgetting things.

It’s one of the challenges of being both a homebody and a hopeless wanderer. I hate staying in one place for too long (a week after a trip ends, I’m usually ready to leave again), but I also dislike leaving home. I have intense second thoughts before leaving home, and a strong period of mourning when I leave to come home.

I have some more travel blogs in the works, and they’ll be a little more useful. Travel tips, and websites I use. But I won’t be able to help you with how to get rid of the pre-trip meltdown. I’ve sort of grown used to it. I warn people that it’s coming, and my family has even learned how to sort of skate through it. It’s become normal. Maybe it will never go away.

How about you? Do you have any pre-trip habits that may be less than desirable?



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