Between Sighted and Blind

The next time you come home, try something.

When you step through your front door, close your eyes, and try to do your normal routine without opening them.

Hang up your jacket on the correct hook. Take your groceries into the kitchen. Give the dog some food and water. Without spilling it all over the floor. Make a pot of coffee.

It’s a lot harder than it sounds, isn’t it? Almost like you’re doing everything that you typically do, but you’re in a stranger’s house. Or maybe in another world.

Open your eyes. Aren’t you glad that you’re able to?

But there are many people who can’t. The darkness doesn’t simply go away if they open their eyes. They go through a world designed for people who can see, and have to find ways to make it work for them.

But what if there was a bridge between the world of the sighted and the blind? Something that would let those in the dark, or partly in the dark, live a full life no matter who the world is designed for.

This is where Leader Dogs for the Blind come in.


The dogs are trained to be the eyes for the person that they are partnered with. More than simply a companion, the dog brings independence back to the life of their human.


Born to be a leader dog, the puppy’s entire life is based off of that plan. He is raised to be a bridge for the person with whom he will be partnered.

With a leader dog, it is possible for a blind person to thrive and make a life for themselves in the world of the sighted. The dog can’t bring back their human’s sight, but they provide the next best thing; a bridge between the worlds.



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