The Dangers of Politics and Facebook

Ahhh…Nothing like a rousing discussion of politics on facebook, or other social media to remind you who you really hate. Or at least to remind you why you don’t usually get into discussions about politics.

It’s sad how normally rational, intelligent adults who like each other can turn into savage, cruel monsters, out for blood. And all over if they plan to vote for the same candidate.

Maybe I remember things through rose coloured glasses, I don’t know. But I feel like things were different when I was younger. Weren’t we able to disagree without such animosity? Wasn’t there something called manners?

It seems like we can’t even nicely state our side anymore.

Let’s pretend that there are two people running for the office of High Dragongroomer. Their names are George and Penelope. I am voting for Penelope, but you prefer George. At one point, our conversation could have gone something like this:

Me: I love Penelope! I think that she will be the best High Dragongroomer ever! Did you see the dragons she groomed for the last parade??? My goodness, that purple one gleamed like she’d dumped an entire can of DragonGleam on it. All of her dragons were stunning!

You: Her dragons were good, but I must say that I thought George’s were much more beautifully turned out. He paid special attention to their tack, not only to the dragons themselves. Of course, he was in different classes, so of course he would focus on different things.

That’s how the conversation would have gone a number of years ago. But now, it would be more along these lines.

Me: I’m voting for Penelope. She beat the pants off of that idiot George. Did you see how many ribbons she had on the banner in front of her stables? Yes, some people say that George has just as many, but if you know that he stole them. Or at least most of them. He has no idea what he’s doing with dragons.

You: Pshhh…you actually believe that? What asap. Everyone knows that Penelope spend two years in jail on charges of dragon abuse. Of course her dragons behave for her, they’re terrified not to.

See the difference? Instead of telling someone why we believe in the person we believe in, or feel the way that we feel, we bash their side of the argument.

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone and thought afterward that you don’t even know anything about their side because they spent the whole time telling you why your side wasn’t good? I have had a lot of those lately. And I don’t like them.

Discussions don’t change minds anymore, they make enemies. We’re no longer having an exchange of intelligent minds, we’re simply making a point and trying to get that “gold star” for being right.

Is it worth it? Ask yourself quite seriously. This is an important decision to make. Are you willing to continue to destroy relationships just so you can say you are right?


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