This Mission…Quest…Thing

I had hoped this morning that I would not have a quest for the day. I was hoping he would waltz through the door, spattering raindrops from his hair onto my face, before crawling under the covers with me.

But that didn’t happen.

I’m not talking about a human here, if that’s where your mind is going. I’m talking about a cat. A sweet, orange and white cat who came home with me from India. His name is Marius, and while I wouldn’t consider myself a crazy cat lady, I am at least a little bit of a crazy cat lady for him.

And why wouldn’t I be? I found him on the streets of Fort Kochi, Kerala, India, when he was a tiny kitten, starving to death. We traveled all over India by train, bus, taxi, auto rickshaw, and motorcycle. I took care of him when he was sick, and he rode everywhere on my shoulder. Yes, we were stared at a lot.

Finally, he and I (and his dog sister, Leaf) boarded a plane for the US. He was supposed to stay in his bag, but he may have snuck out and slept in my lap  most of the flight instead.

Marius has been in the States for nearly two years now, and sometimes he decides to go exploring. Which, as a neurotic Mom, I do not like at all.

Sometimes I go out and look for him right away. Sometimes I wait to see when he’ll come home. I get nervous each time he disappears, worrying that something will happen to him.

This time though, he has been out longer. To the point that I am getting scared for him. I’ve spent a lot of the day on a quest, seeking out my beloved Marius.


It hasn’t been a fruitful quest. Not a single sign of Marius. Considering that he is a bright white cat, I keep telling myself that if something happened to him, I’d see him lying there, because he doesn’t blend in too well. I keep saying that the only way I’d miss seeing him is if he is still on his walkabout.

Is any of this true? I don’t know. At this point, my quest is looking like the end of the Fellowship of the Ring. Sam and Frodo have left with the ring, Merry and Pippin have been taken by orcs, and Boromir is dead. There’s a moment of, “Ok…now what?”

Sadly, I do not have Aragorn to tell me what to do. I don’t know how to track a cat. I simply have no idea what to do other than wait and hope and pray. And make the rounds to each of his normal “dens” once or twice a day, until (hopefully) he shows up, meowing and acting as though he is starving to death.

I was hoping to have a chance to write a happy ending to this quest, but there is not ending yet. More like a really long, terribly sad intermission. I’ll update this post if/when anything is known about Marius.


May all the rest of you have better fortune on your quests than I have had thus far.


Update: Marius returned home on the morning of Sept 25th, after about five days of being gone. He acted like he was starving, both for food and attention, and has settled right back into normal (somewhat obnoxious) life.





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