Wedding Chaos

I started this blog, and was immediately pulled off in another direction as I sped to get wedding gifts done for my sister and her fiance (now husband!). Finished the gifts, had to pack, had to leave for UT. She’s been living out there for 6 years now, and most of her friends are out there. So family packed up and headed out to Salt Lake City for the wedding. Ah…you do for family, hey?

I couldn’t even post photos or tutorials for what I was working on because I didn’t want to risk the bride browsing the internet and spoiling the gifts she was receiving.


We had hard core drive out to Salt Lake City (2 drivers, 19 hours, stops only for gas and bathroom breaks), then absolute madness when we reached town. Quick tip? If you’re going to do a drive like that, make sure that you arrive at your destination around 9 or 10 pm. That way, you go straight to bed. We reached our rental house around noon, meaning that we had all sorts of things to do that day. Pedicures, shopping for last minute wedding stuff, and a bridal shower.

Speaking of bridal showers, it’s interesting to plan a shower for a bride who doesn’t want to be the centre of attention. She said she’d have that enough over the course of the week, and she didn’t want the shower to be like that.

We had the shower, a going away party for a friend of the bride and groom, multiple meals out, a sleepover at the bride’s house the night before the wedding, where we redid the boutonnieres (little advice…if you’re using sage in your boutonnieres, you have to make them just the day in advance, because fresh sage wilts quickly and looks rubbish when it’s dried). Oh, and we were staying with a house full of family, so there was that nuttiness mixed in.


Chaos, then wedding, then wedding cleanup.

I took the newlyweds to the airport so they could leave on their honeymoon, then spent a week petsitting for them. I had a bit of gift finishing to do, plus painted their shed and explored/geocached with the dogs.


And now I am home. After taking a domestic flight which reminded me of exactly why I hate domestic flights. I’ve grown too used to international flights with the gigantic planes. Domestic planes seem so tiny and fragile.

I guess it’s time to buckle down and work on jewelry and blogs and all of that fun stuff. And perhaps get a regular job as well, so that I make some money while doing the rest of this stuff. Stay tuned for blogs and photos, some tutorials. We’ll just see what happens.



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